Monday, 3 September 2012

Monday Madness

Hey guys and girls. Just because its the end of summer vacation for most of you, I'm going to make a list of the things that i love about summer.


-Campfires. I love a good campfire on a cold summer night. I also love some homade potato chips made over a campfire with hot dogs and some perfectly golden marshmallows for dessert.


-The lake. In the summer( this is my last one)  I get to live on a lake that i like to tube, swim in the deep parts, go off the rope swing, and just go for boat rides on.


-The pool. Its always nice to spend an afternoon or just do a quick jump-in to cool off at the pool.


-Nature. I love to explore and admire Gods creation... and summer is my favourite time to do this.

-Clouds. I know that maybe this should be in the category of nature but for me its not. I really like just looking up in the clouds and thinking of what they look like.

-Sports. I absolutely love sports. I play organized hockey but i can also play baseball, basketball, and football pretty well. I can play every one except hockey in the summer, but i can play road hockey instead.

- Photography. I really like to take pics and summer is my favourite time to take them.